National Search Associates Staff

About Us

National Search Associates has a proud history dating back to 1991 as a leading search firm in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, technology, and diagnostics industries. Our firm’s employees pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service.

Search Philosophy

National Search Associates understands that each client comes to us with ideas about the search process. Because of this, National Search Associates structures each search to meet individual client needs. We pride ourselves on building successful relationships based on trust, support, and open lines of communication. One account manager drives the search from initiation to completion to ensure that we understand each client’s unique requirements from the beginning of the process through the final placement.

Every industry National Search Associates services is staffed by specialists who closely follow industry trends and are members of trade associations and network within that industry. Our consultants have extensive experience in their area of expertise and bring with them exclusive knowledge of the business, competition, and market conditions. This specialization has aided all of our clients, from small start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations.

National Search Associates offers benefits to clients that most firms simply cannot provide. Our database contains hundreds of thousands of resumes and our account managers average over ten years of executive search experience. Our direct recruiting techniques distinguish us from our competition

While many national and local firms gravitated to “internet-based” recruiting, NSA continues to utilize a direct search methodology. Our methodology is extremely successful at identifying the passive candidate who would possess the requisite qualifications, but who may not necessarily be active in the marketplace.

We identify the most qualified candidates. Then, we establish if there is an interest and set up an introduction. Additionally, we provide valuable consultation relative to compensation and relocation.

Our work is not complete until our client has hired the perfect, new employee.