Studies Comparing Triumvira’s T Cell Antigen Coupler (TAC) Technology with CAR T Cell Therapy

This study presents results from pre-clinical studies with human T cells engineered with Triumvira’s TAC technology directed against multiple antigens. The results demonstrate robust and antigen-specific cytokine production and cytoxicity in vitro and strong anti-tumor activity including solid and liquid tumors. The study also observed the HER2-TAC T cells demonstrated robust penetration and local proliferation and activation in solid tumors.

“This peer-reviewed article provides scientific validation of our platform TAC technology and provides future hope for patients by potentially making T cell therapy more accessible to a much larger pool of cancer patients,” commented Paul Lammers, MD, MSc, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Based on these data and other pre-clinical data in hand, we continue with confidence to advance this program into clinical development.”

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