National Search Associates occupies modern office space in the Palomar Airport Research Park area of Carlsbad, California. For the convenience of clients, we maintain a modern executive conference room for meetings or personal interviews.

National Search Associates utilizes a state-of-the-art database to manage our client and candidate data files. Currently the database contains hundreds of thousands of resumes that can be sorted by industry, occupation, location, and other important factors, so that the most qualified candidate can be pinpointed for each search. Our database contains thousands of industry contacts that we have developed relationships with over the years. These people help our network grow by referring their friends and colleagues.

Our offices were designed and constructed to provide privacy for sensitive compensation negotiations with enough open space to allow collaboration amongst our staff. Our computer network and telecommunications equipment is continually being upgraded as new technology is introduced

National Search Associates employees are provided the infrastructure, resources, and support to allow them to focus on their client/candidate relationships.

Office, Recruiters, Carlsbad, CA