Dan Kausch

Senior Director
Dan Kausch is a Senior Director, Biopharmaceutical Recruitment and since he joined in 1996, he has been an integral part in the tremendous growth & success of our firm, National Search Associates.

Dan’s particular area(s) of specialization are: Quality (QA, QC, Compliance), Technical Operations, Manufacturing, Development (Process, Analytical, Formulation, etc.), R&D, as well as a host of other disciplines under the Biopharmaceutical umbrella.

With a keen eye for aligning the best talent the industry has to offer with the hiring needs of his clients, Dan has parlayed a successful ‘relationship building’ career that has spanned the better part of two decades in the Biopharmaceutical search business.

Dan works out of our ‘East Coast’ division in the Greater New York City area and has partnered with some of the most prestigious Biopharmaceutical/Biotechnology organizations in the world. Although he is quite passionate about his work, Dan has many interests and pursuits in his spare time, including his work as an actor in theater, commercials & short films.