Search Process

Retained Search

The process of search and recruitment varies depending upon our client’s specific needs. We are committed to providing high quality executive search results and our clients benefit from having an assigned Executive Recruiting Project Team to manage the search and adjust the process accordingly. The fundamentals are outlined below and incorporate most if not all of the steps from inception to closure.

Initial Consultation and Briefing: Organization Profile

1. Initial Consultation and Briefing: Organization Profile

At the outset of each search assignment, we will develop a thorough understanding of the organizational environment in which the position functions and get to know the personality and corporate culture.

2. Develop Position Specifications

A prerequisite to a successful search program is a precise understanding of the duties of the position. A thorough position description will be developed with the hiring authority.

Develop Position Specifications
Develop Candidate Assessment Profile

3. Develop Candidate Assessment Profile

An understanding of the characteristics of the ideal candidate is crucial. It will be developed in the same manner as the position description, with specific input regarding the corporate culture. A detailed list of pre-screening questions will be developed with the hiring team to determine the candidate’s scientific abilities and personality characteristics, taking into account the soft skills needed for the position.

4. Compensation Package

We will review and when requested help develop a proposed compensation package based on market data that compares favorably to similar positions in the marketplace.
Program Objectives: Identifying Qualified Candidates

5. Program Objectives: Identifying Qualified Candidates

We will set specific program objectives for the assignment to enable us to target the right candidates. This will include timelines, and will define how long each stage of the search will take.

6. Direct Search

Taking into consideration the program objectives, research strategies will be developed that will ensure identifying the most qualified candidates for the position.

Direct Search
Preliminary Screening of Candidates

7. Preliminary Screening of Candidates

All potential candidates will be screened and evaluated by us. We will conduct in-depth interviews with those having the strongest qualifications. Our objective is to assess their experience, interest, compatibility and manage their expectations for the opportunity.

8. Candidate Assessment and Evaluation

A comprehensive Candidate Profile is developed for each of the short list candidates defining their strengths, weaknesses, core competencies, accomplishments and compatibilities with the position. The profile includes the pre-screening questions that were developed specifically for this assignment and analysis of how their experience directly relates to our client’s organizational and cultural needs.
Preliminary Screening of Candidates

9. Presentation of Short List

The results of our screening process will be reviewed with the hiring authority, and the most qualified candidates for the position will be presented for final interview and evaluation.

10. Candidate References: Due Diligence

Reference information is gathered of candidates on the short list. Once the hiring authority focuses on the final candidates, more in-depth reference checking is conducted.

Candidate References: Due Diligence
Client Interviews

11. Client Interviews

The hiring authority will interview each of the final candidates. After the first round of interviews we will obtain feedback from the candidates and support the hiring team in determining which candidates best fit the needs of the organization.

12. Offer and Negotiations

We will assist the hiring authority when reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. We will provide support in structuring the compensation package, help the candidate assess the offer, manage expectations and negotiate through acceptance.

Offer and Negotiations
Post Offer: Follow up

13. Post Offer: Follow up

Following acceptance, we will help manage the transition into the new opportunity and counsel the candidate through resignation to ensure the departure is handled promptly, and professionally. We stay close to the candidate through on boarding process.