Erica Faccone

Senior Recruiter
Erica Faccone is an executive recruiter with National Search Associates. Her experiences in the video/film industry have helped her develop creative thinking and collaboration skills. Erica brings a unique blend of tenacity and interpersonal savvy that allows her to navigate the passive candidate landscape with a high degree of effectiveness.

In particular, Erica is driven by a passion to help biotechs advance therapies in rare, genetic diseases. This sector is close to Erica on a personal level because she has a family member who has been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative genetic disorder. She also recruits senior leaders in oncology, neurology, and immunosciences.

Prior to joining NSA, Erica has worked with KVUE-TV in Austin, Texas, KTVK Channel 3 News, and the NBA Development League. Born and raised in Arizona, Erica earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production and graduated within three years at the top of her class.

Erica and her spouse live in Carlsbad California and love to go on hikes with their boxer, Riley.