Jessica Lieder

Vice President
Jessica Lieder is a Vice President at National Search Associates specializing in Molecular Biology, Stem Cell Biology and Drug Discovery within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Her recruiting strengths in candidate development and client management coupled with her scientific background has made her a sought-after recruiter in life sciences. She has done work for major Pharma as well as Biotech’s and molecular diagnostic companies. She excels at identifying & successfully recruiting passive high-level scientific candidates in a very competitive marketplace.

Jessica Lieder received her B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and an M.S. in Microbiology from California State University San Marcos and her Ph. D. in Molecular Biology from University California Los Angeles. Her areas of expertise include microbial physiology, genetics and stem cell biology. Her research has included: (1) Identification and regulation of genes and proteins involved in biomineralization and calcification for the treatment of immunological disorders (2) Isolation and characterization of novel prokaryotic extremophiles genes and enzymes for commercial production and (3) Regulation of genes and proteins involved in stem cell differentiation and metabolism.

During her studies, she received two National Science Foundation fellowships, the Graduate Deans award, and the President’s Award for Outstanding Graduate Student. She firmly believes in promoting science education in the community and is a firm supporter of STEAM programs.